Join Jean and Lory for a day of Amazing Energy
Our gifted Intuitive Mediums, Astrologers and Healers will be offering:
* Aura Photos
* Readings
* Astrology Readings
* Reiki Healing
* 12 Strand DNA Activations
We also have a variety of Spiritual, Angel and Health Items for Sale

Our Readers and Healers

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Danielle Molina
Astrology is a theory that specific positions of the stars and how the planets move about the solar system impact human beings’ lives, events, and behavior.

While it’s likely that you already know what your sign is, the essential attributes (as told through the zodiac) is a valuable tool to strengthen your sense of self-awareness. Not only will it help guide you to know how to live your best life, but you’ll also gain valuable insight on how-to live-in harmony with others.

Please note: Danielle requires additional information to prepare your astrology reading as shown below. 

* First Name
* Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY) 

Additional Information (if you know):

* Time of Birth (HH:MM)  -  AM/PM? __ Exact Time (yes/no)? __

* Location (City, State) 

Cathy Trementozzi
Cathy is an Intuitive Medium and Card Reader
She will be offering Readings using her cards and 
her guidance from Spirit

Ross O'Shea
Ross is a Medium and Reiki Master
He will be offering Reiki Healing Sessions to balance your Mind, Body and Spirit. 
He also incorporates his own guided symbols from Spirit into the healing session.
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Ted Dolch
Ted is a Reiki Master and has also worked with the Paranormal.
He will be offering Aura Photos which will show your Energy in the 
Auric Field displayed by your emotional being.
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We are also offering 12 Strand DNA Activations

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