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Inner Soul Wellness LLC
Center for Spiritual & Metaphysical Studies

Mrs. Bride, Mr. Groom


Customize your own wedding ceremony to fit your needs. Our ceremonies are officiated by Rev. Lorita Coppola or Rev. Vivian Zak.

We offer Simple ~ Unique ~ Cultural.

We can also perform a private ceremony with just your witnesses at

the Infinity Holistic Center

Call Lory 973-747-9404

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Let us connect to your Loved Ones on the Other Side. A reading can

bring closure and help with the grieving process. It can help you to

know that your not alone and that they are always with you.

75.00 ( 30 min )



Cards can show what is going on in your life, what options you might have

and what might be coming up in the future. We allow for a couple of

questions afterward.

75.00 ( 30 min )



Spiritual Reading

Combine Medium and Card Reading. The cards chosen by you
can reveal where you are in your life and options for change for
what is coming up. As your Loved Ones join us receive messages
from them both on what your cards reveal and what they need
you to know. Nothing is left unsaid.
140.00  ( 1 hour )


Reiki Treatment


Relax to soft music let your mind drift as we balance your energy and

align your chakras. This enables you to feel renewed, energetic and

in control. We will discuss after session any energy blocks that were

felt and cleared and answer any questions that you might have. This does not take

the place of your medical treatment but it helps in the healing process.


55.00 ( 30 min )




DNA Activation

Your DNA is your "blueprint of life" and is located in every cell in the body. This activation works on a deep cellular level. The key to humanity's emotional, spiritual, physical and mental evolution lies with our DNA.
A DNA Activation is waking up our DNA to our highest potential. 
A 12 Strand is done in one session
13 - 24 strand is done in a separate session 
For those familiar with energy work, a full 24 strand can be done in one session
* Become in alignment with your life's purpose
* Release negative and karmic patterns
* Increased intuition and psychic abilities
* Unconditional Self Love
* Gaining Energy, Clarity and Focus

12 Strand Activation - 45.00
13 - 24 Strand Activation - 45.00

Full 24 Activation -  80.00
( A session includes the Activation and a Healing )


Spiritual Guidance
We address the Metaphysical and Spiritual needs of our client. Our goal is to help you  to find peace within yourself , by following your true path. 
55..00   (1 hour)
This is Not a Reading

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