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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

The Infinity Holistic Center collaborates with

other professionals of like mind to bring in Peace, Learning, Knowledge and Love to all who enter:

Lory Sison-Coppola

Lory Sison - Coppola
Rev. Lorita Coppola

Lory is a third generation medium and seeks to share with everyone the path to Peace, Health and Love

*  Spiritual Medium 
  * Hawaiian Oracle / Mana Card Reader   
* Reiki Master / Teacher   
* Animal Reiki Certified 
  * Ordained Minister 
  * Spiritual Counselor 
  * Past Life Regressionist 
  * Hypnotherapist 
  * IET Practitioner 
  * Ho'oponopono Practitioner   
* DNA Activation Certified 
* NLP Practitioner
* Certified Foot Reflexology

jean new pic 2017.jpg

Jean Hendricks

  • Certified Angel Card Reader/Practitioner

  • Integrated Energy Therapy® Master Instructor/Practitioner

  • Certified Medical Intuitive

  • Certified Spiritual Clearings:  Remote Archangel Energy Clearing for People, Pets, Businesses, Homes & Properties

  • Certified Archangel Life Coach

  • Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Reader

  • Animal Communicator – Sacred Soul Promise Method®

  • Certified  LifeForce Chakra Healer®

  • Akashic Records Certification

  • Scalar Wave Healing for Animals

  • Holistic Animal Care Workshop Certification

  • Crystal Color Therapy for Animals

  • EFT for People and Animals

  • Angel EFT

Kimberly G.jpg
Kimberly Guyer

Kimberly is a YOGI Associate  Qigong Flow Instructor and a spirit location medium. She has been practicing YOGI Qigong Flow since 2018 and received her certification 2022 in Thailand. She discovered Qigong when looking for an energetic grounding and meditative practice that was gentle on her physical limitations and promoted a sense of deeper connection with life. Qigong has greatly  helped her energetic awareness as a sensitive/intuitive  and she loves sharing this wellbeing ancient practice with others. 

Sheri Burkat  LCSW

Sheri is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Positive Psychology Practitioner, and a Grief Educator with more than twenty years of experience working with diverse populations in a variety of settings. As an integrative practitioner, she believes in the benefits of complementary treatment practices and enjoys working with clients who are open to a variety of modalities. She has certifications as a Koru Mindfulness Teacher, Reiki II Practitioner and a Sound Therapy Practitioner.

Athena Janette Yanas

Athena-Janette Yanas is a facilitator of a variety of topics, at a variety of companies and locations for over 25 years. Some of which including, Hatha Yoga, Belly dancing,and aromatherapy.
Athena is certified in:
IYI Hatha Yoga, Aromatherapy and Reiki.
Her goal is to help improve one's quality of life with joy!

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