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Lory :   973-747-9404
Jean:  973-945-4330

Friends Night Out 
Come and Experience a
Reading & Healing Immersion

2 Readings ( Card and Mediumship )
2 Healing Sessions  ( Reiki and IET ) 
Each Session is 15 min which will give you an hour of Healing, Peace and Knowledge from your Guides and those on the Other Side. Also receive a gift bag from us as our
Thank You for attending.
The 4 sessions for that night- 100.00
Speak to Lory or Jean on holding a private party with you and your friends


Qigong Flow for Energy Workers and Highly Sensitive People
September 14 - September 21 - September 28
with Kimberly Guyer
Feel, Clear, Ground and center your Qi ! 
Qigong or " vital energy skill " is an ancient chinese meditative movement practice. In this specially designed class for energetic wellness, enjoy guided slow gentle movements, breathwork, visualizations and affirmations focusing on your aura and central channel using the Yogi Method of the Six Phases of Qi flow. 
20.00 per class  
Please wear loose fit clothing and bring a yoga mat. There will be some mats available at the Center. Water will be provided. Practice can be done standing or sitting. Beginners Welcome!
Kimberly G.jpg

Little Yogi and Me Yoga Class 
( age 8 - 18 months )               ( 2 years - 4 years )
Join Rosa Gonzalez

~ Let's get down on the mat! Our littlest scholars will practice early skills such as counting, body part recognition, animal sounds and even a little spanish, all through the energetic format of a song-filled yoga class. Your little one will love the focused one-on-one time with a parent or caregiver as well as the thrill of being with toddlers the same age. Grownups will enjoy the casual, friendly and supportive atmosphere.
** Please give childs age in note section when signing up. Bring mat or
Water and Snacks available

Welcome Veterans, Active Military, Police & Firefighters
August 29, 2023

As our way of saying Thank You for your Service, we would like to offer you a
Complimentary 30 minute Reiki Healing Session
Energy Healing Balances the body and leaves you feeling relaxed, which in turn helps the body in the healing process physically, mentally and emotionally.

Please show your Veteran ID or Active status ID when you come in to the Center
This Session does not take the place of your Medical Treatment

Intuitive / Spiritual Development ( Level 3 Advanced )

October 11, 2023  ( 8 week course )
7:00pm - 8:30pm

This class is open to all who have some experience with spiritual and metaphysical work. All focus is on connecting with Spirit,  Guides and Angels. Each week we will work on different techniques such as channeling, evidential mediumship, remote viewing and healing.
Are you ready?
Registration : 30.00 ( which covers handouts and class materials) this is ( due at time of registration)
In order to receive a certificate of completion no more than one class may be missed
20.00 per weekly class


Join: Meredith Kubic
60 min -  Regular Massage  ( 100.00 )
90 min - Regular Massage  ( 130.00 )
60 min - Manual Lymphatic Drainage   ( 125.00 )
90 min - ( 60 min - Manual Lymphatic Drainage / 30 min- Swedish/Deep Tissue)
( 150.00 )

Kimberly G.jpg

Qigong  Flow Workshop for Autumn -

Harmonizing the Lungs, Large Intestine, and the Metal Element
October 7,  2023
10:00am - 12:00pm
Join Kimberly Guyer
As the seasons change so does our "life force energy" or Qi !
Join this Qigong workshop diving deeper into the seasonal cycles for optimal health and wellbeing


with Kimberly Guyer - Jill Marie Kelly - Richard Moschella

OCTOBER 23, 2023

7:00pm - 9:00pm

Join respected mediums Kimberly Guyer, Jill Marie Kelly & Richard Moschella in this unique event of Mediumship & Healing. During this gallery reading Kimberly, Jill & Rich will bring through evidence and healing messages from your departed loved ones. Richard will also sketch the essence of the spirit communicator during his mediumship session and gladly provide you with the sketch of your loved one . The night will also provide a healing mediation and offer proof of the continuity of life.

Please note a reading is not guaranteed at this event, but Kim, Jill & Rich will read as many as time allows and a group healing meditation will be conducted.


Investigators Perspectives on the Paranormal
October 30, 2023

In this live gathering on the eve of Halloween join New Jersey Paranormal Projects Kimberly Guyer, The Ghost Hisory Medium and paranormal author Richard Moschella as they reveal what ghosts are, what paranormal investigating is really like and some of their most profound encounters with the unseen. Video and Audio evidence from real investigations will be shared.


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