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Room for Rent

Providing Everything You Need

Decorative Objects

What are your needs?

Whether you need a room for a reading, healing or you would
like to have a class. Here is what we offer:


1. Healing/Reading Room Only (excludes classroom use) per person:

·    1-3 Hours $20/hour

·    4-8 hours $15/hour

·    9+ hours (1 Day): $155

·    1 day per week 

      month to month  350.00 per month

Sign a six month commitment in August and we will offer it to you for

   250.00 per month

      3 month commitment - 300.00 per month

      6 month commitment -  275. 00 per month

      12 month commitment - 250.00 per month

       ( Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri):  (excludes classroom use)

 2.   Classroom: Flat 30% gross per class (not time bound, excludes         Healing/Reading Room)



---Convenient Location, Ground Level Office, plenty of on-site parking----

       ·    No charge for time used to set up and clean up

                   (Healing/Reading Room or Classroom) 

·    Includes bottled water/tea station for you & client/students.

·    Healing/Reading Room is furnished with table/chairs and massage                            table.

·    Large classroom space with Whiteboard.  

              Supports projector presentations.

·         Chairs and snack tables available


Infinity Holistic Center


3108 Rt. 10 West



Screenshot_2021-05-17 IHC view inside we


Screenshot_2021-05-17 IHC class room vie


Room for Rent

Room for Rent

Room for Rent

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