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 New Jersey

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David Kabasakalian 

Office Services:

Wide variety including Scanning, Copies


Notary Services: All Services available




Daniel Burgos

Services Offered:

* Reiki Healings

* Sound Healing (using Tuning Forks) 

* Angel Oracle Card Readings 

* Crystal Grid Creation

* Crystal Healings.


Nourishing your Divine Self
Jill is a nutritional health expert and chef of life. She has been referred to as a shaman of food. Her goal is to inspire change in those who are willing to take that extra step and make the changes necessary to become their best version of self, using all of her professional skills, knowledge and life’s experiences.

Jill Pettijohn

Alexandra  Juryte 
Alexandra is a qualified Meditation Teacher, Cert. Chair Yoga Instructor and Holistic Counselor.

​Her primary focus and teaching are in breath-work, forest-bathing, mindfulness | zen meditation and the ancient practice of Yoga Nidra. She is committed to constantly helping others in understanding and mastering the art of breath & meditation work. 

Alexandra is a member of the International Meditation Teachers & Therapist Association.

Cert. Sound Healing in Tibetan singing bowls.

Cert. Yoga Nidra Teacher Trainer.​

Alexandra Juryte

Cert.Med.Hol.Couns. (IMTTA)

 Cert. Yoga Nidra Teacher Trainer

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Ann Dwornikoski
Past Life / Current Life Regressionist
Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique
Located in Sparta NJ

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Donna Brenner

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Located in South Carolina

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 A master metaphysician certified from Delphi University in Georgia. Early on in her journey she began with a group called Temenos and later more intensive Huna Healing in Denville.

Her array of services provided with intuitive readings, teaching inner sanctuary meditation, clearing/cleansing homes to yandi, blood cleanse, brazilian energization to name a few.
Her life path has been in search of purpose, love and joy which of course creates a life of peace and harmony. Everyday working on that goal.....TBD.

               Life Path Reading

Is a series of questions like “what do I do Now?” or when a person is curious about which direction their life is headed “have I made the right decision for Me?” You will receive pieces of your puzzle with array of symbolism, occasional messages from loved ones and you will learn about patterns form you past lives/experiences. This reading will give you a better understanding of how you walk on your life path. Hopefully add a bit of light with choices you make every day to create more joy, love and peace on your life journey.

Janice Marie Dzwonczyk


All Styling Studio

I am the proud owner of All Styling Studio. I grew up here in the heart of Denville NJ. I have been in the world of Hair and Makeup for the last 13 years. Whether behind the chair, on location weddings, photo shoots, and film. My dream was to provide a public space for creative stylists that was welcoming and unique to our guests. Keeping focused on my goals and vision, 2017 was the year the vision became a reality. I specialize in short women's cutting and precision cutting // I welcome you to the Studio! Find your passion and DO THAT!

32 Broadway
Denville, NJ