Welcome Veterans, Active Military, 
Law Enforcement and Fire Fighters
Thank You for your Service
December 29, 2021

Complimentary Energy / Reiki Healing Session
Relax as we balance your energy and renew your Body, Mind
and Spirit.  Must present Veteran ID, Military ID, Police ID, Fire Fighter ID


Medium Reading                          

Receive messages from Loved Ones who have Crossed Over.
Having closure can start the healing process.


Card Reading                    

The cards will enlighten you on your present situations and
options for your future journey.



Reiki Healing Session  

Relax with soft music as we align your chakras and balance your

energy. A session can leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.


Spiritual Reading                    

Combine Medium and Card Reading. The cards chosen by you
can reveal where you are in your life and options for change for
what is coming up. As your Loved Ones join us receive messages
from them both on what your cards reveal and what they need
you to know. Nothing is left unsaid.


Spiritual Counseling
This is your time to explore different options for situations that might be going on in your life at the present. We can offer different perspectives to look at your life experiences.
This is not a Reading

past life1.jpg

Past Life Regression

Did you ever have Deja Vu? Or have issues that you need help with. Sometimes we bring past life experiences into the present
Come and Explore another You!


DNA Activation

It’s waking up our DNA to our highest potential. Our physical DNA creates the blueprint for our physical characteristics and how we function in our life.
*  Become in alignment with your life's  purpose.
*  Increase in energy, clarity and focus
*  Clearing of genetic karmic patterns
*  Strengthens your immune system
*  Awakens your Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience


Starting in August:
The Activation is done in 2 Sessions with a week in between


Healing & Reading

Combine your Healing Session and Reading.  Allow yourself to experience total relaxation while we balance your chakras and bring peace to your body, mind and spirit.
Afterwards, we will discuss the session and bring in messages from family and friends who have crossed over . 


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Thank You for your Patience

Readings are for Entertainment Purposes Only