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The Infinity Holistic Center is the Home of :

Inner Soul Wellness LLC 

Sparkle with Angels

3108 Route 10 West   Unit 6

Denville, NJ 07834 

Parking and Entrance in back of Bldg  ( off Hill Rd )


We support those of like mind to offer classes and workshops from our Center. 
For classes and workshops with Lory (click here)
For classes and workshops with Jean ( click here )


February 17, 2023
( 4 week course )
7:00pm - 8:30pm
with Sheri Burkat LCSW
Koru Mindfulness Workshop

Learn an evidence-based, practical method to improve your emotional and physical health. This four-week workshop teaches skills to manage anxiety and stress, regulate difficult emotions, improve sleep and energy levels, and develop deeper connections in relationships and your life

Linet and Rosa.jpg

Full Moon Reiki Ceremony/An energy charged Manifestation Circle

March, 2023


Join Rosa & Linet

Using the energy of the New moon in Capricorn, we will let go of blockages to make space for new intentions. 

During our new Moon Reiki Ceremony, each participant will receive individual Reiki, along with shared reiki energy for the entire duration of our ceremony. A sound bath and meditation will also take place to help energy move through our vessels and set the vibration for manifesting our desires.


Introduction to Belly Dancing Workshop
March 23, 2023
7:00pm - 9:00pm

Join Athena
and Wake up the goddess Within!
Dance The experience!
Experience the dance!

Yoga and Pilates
April 4, 2023 
6:00pm - 7:00pm
with Nancy

This class is a unique blend of Yoga and Pilates. Learn to safely integrate your core for stability while simultaneously lengthening and stretching thru the yoga practice. In additionwe will weave in various breathing techniques and a luxurious shavasana ( the rest at the end of the practice)
This Class is for All Levels!
15.00 per class

About the Facilitators

Danni (2).jpg

Danielle Molina

Danielle started her journey into Astrology as an avid self taught student for many years, prior to starting professional studies with a renowned Astrologer two years ago. During the   process of learning to read her own birth chart, Danielle discovered how much of her life's path was so accurately reflected in this little map of the sky that Astrologers call "the blueprint of your soul" Astrology both validated her struggles and celebrated her gifts.


Athena Janette Yanas

Athena is a facilitator of a variety of modalities for over 25 years.  Some of which are
Belly Dancing, Hatha Yoga, Aromatherapy.
Athena is Certified in:
* Aromatherapy
* IYI Hatha Yoga
* Reiki
Her goal is to help improve one's quality of life with joy!


Rosa  Gonzalez

Rosa is a
*Reiki Master
*Inner Alignment Coach
*Soul Retrieval practitioner for Healing Childhood Trauma.
Reiki is a healing technique where the healer can channel energy into the patient to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional wellbeing. Inner alignment coaching sessions use techniques to rewire the body, mind and spirit, to align ourselves from within.
Soul Retrieval for Childhood Trauma Healing is an intense system designed to remove the old trauma packets that keep us stuck in the same patterns in relationships, career, parenting, and everyday life.

Linet Martes

Linet is a reiki healer, shamanic practitioner and a channel in the art of Healing Touch Therapy. She brings the universal energy to help balance the energy centers in your body. As a Shamanic practitioner, she works with the elements and provides  the necessary spiritual and energetic cleansing. As a Healing Touch Therapist, she conducts Healing Light to facilitate healing on your physical body. Linet uses  and combines these techniques and her intuition to help you begin your healing process, with the intention to help you realize your own magnificent worth.

Nancy Mermelstein.jpg

Nancy has been teaching Yoga, Pilates and Functional Movement for 20 years.
Her classes are a creative blend of movement and philosophy sprinkled
with a healthy dose of humor

Nancy Mermelstein

* I received my Master/Teacher Usui Reiki attunement through Lory Sison-Coppola at the Huna Healing Center. 
* I studied at the Tibetan Singing Bowls School with Diane Mandle and Richard Rudis in
Encinitas, CA.
* I am certified in Integrated Energy Therapy, or IET, with a deep connection with angels.
* I follow a shamanic path and have been a practicing shamanic practitioner for 3 years.


Kirsten De la Torre
with Unfold Your Wings


Sheri Burkat is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Positive Psychology Practitioner, and a Grief Educator with more than twenty years of experience working with diverse populations in a variety of settings. As an integrative practitioner, she believes in the benefits of complementary treatment practices and enjoys working with clients who are open to a variety of modalities. She has certifications as a Koru Mindfulness Teacher, Reiki II Practitioner and a Sound Therapy Practitioner.

Sheri Burkat   LCSW
with :

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